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Dubai Marina Port of Singapore Melbourne, Australia Durban, South Africa

Years of international freight experience

Global agents in 6 continents

Contracts with ocean carriers

Who we are

OL Dubai offers our clients an optimal combination of industry relationships, leading supply chain technology, and exceptional customer service. We believe that true market advantage comes from creative, individualized solutions. OL Dubai streamlines global commerce with our vast array of services and network of agents in over 140 countries. Read More


boat1Our tailored ocean freight solutions offers our clients full peace of mind and proactively smooths out potential problems to assure a simple and successful cruise through every global experience.

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freightWe are ready with an international network and a variety of customized services. We’ll generate your documents, warehouse your goods, arrange insurance and more.
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boxWe’ll deal with factories, manage orders & warehouse cargo, handle consolidation — We’ll manage it all so it can’t manage you.
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We go the extra mile so you don’t have to!

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